What Is Monk Fruit?

Monk FruitWhat is “monk fruit?”

     Monk fruit is an exceptionally unique, super fruit grown in the higher elevations of Southeast Asia. For hundreds of years, this naturally sweet melon has been kept a secret and was only grown locally and in small quantities on family-owned farms. According to rumored legends, the monk fruit was originally named after the Buddhist monks who began to cultivate it nearly 800 years ago, utilizing the fruit for its outstanding health benefits, delicious taste, and phenomenal level of antioxidants.

     The popularity of this apple-sized fruit is on the rise as consumers are drawn to its all natural, wholesome goodness. There are no qualms about this, special little food as it begins to receive worldwide attention. Without the repercussions of sugar, which may cause health issues when used excessively, the monk fruit has absolutely zero calories but doesn’t encourage cancer or other downsides that are prominently associated with artificial sweeteners. When used as a sweetener to make foods taste great, the monk fruit will be crushed and fused with hot water to make the fruit release its juices and natural, fruit sweetness. The last process will include filtration, which will create the calorie-free, all natural, fruit concentrate that can be added to any beverage or food, making whatever it is added to instantly more enjoyable.

F.U.N. Water Caps use all-natural, monk fruit sweetener so that the product can remain the truly beneficial beverage for everyone with zero calories and zero chemicals. No more obesity. No more chemicals. No more searching labels for that gluten free, vegan, diabetic-friendly beverage. It’s all right here in a little something called a F.U.N. Water Cap, and your free sample can be on your way to you today.

Go to http://www.funwatercap.com for information. Make sure you say that funwatercap.wordpress.com sent you there to get your free sample when you sign up, and you will be well on your way to a healthier you with all of the “F.U.N.” that you have always wanted and deserved.


About funwatercap

Your ALL IN ONE Daily Nutrient Dense Hydration System F.U.N. = Flavor + Ultimate Nutrition 25 Vitamins & Minerals Organic Friendly All Natural Flavors Vegan Friendly Sweetened With All Natural Monk Fruit Kosher Standards Gluten Free Please follow us as we seek to create better, future generations through family-friendly, energy-amplifying, age-defying, highly advanced nutrition. Know real nourishment- the real nourishment that you have always deserved. https://twitter.com/FunWaterCap http://www.answerfoods.com/ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fun-Water-Cap/271086309696229
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